North Tiverton Baptist Church believes in the need for and support of missionaries not only in foreign fields, but domestically. Part of every church's growth plans should include the desire, goal and plan to increase missionary involvement. Over the last many years, we have listed our missionaries, said where they are serving, posted their pictures, and even wrote interesting snippets about them. This was our way of showing our excitement about missionaries! It was also a way in which "the world" could appreciate our missionaries with us.

Unfortunately (but as the Lord said would happen), the world has become a much more dangerous place in the last few decades. We are in a time when we would increase the risk exposure for many missionaries if we still did these things. Many missionaries these days ask this anonymity explictly. So, just pray with us for our missionary friends and fellow servants. God knows who they are and where they serve!

It is our sincere desire to increase our supported missionaries this year.