Services and Ministries

As stated in our purposes on the front page, our purposes are to:

Therefore, our services are designed with these purposes in mind. The North Tiverton Baptist Church is committed to a balanced ministry which emphasizes four priorities: worship, caring, spiritual growth and teaching God's Word. Our worship of God is real and heartfelt, but is done "decently and in order." We care for one another as a family--that is, in more than word alone. We cultivate the fullest spiritual life possible both individually and corporately. And we think one of the most important aspects of balanced ministry in a church is the communication of God's Word at every opportunity. We are a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. We emphasize the importance of following the Bible as our authority in doctrine and instruction for living. In our church, God's Word is preached and taught with neither compromise nor apology. We maintain the Bible still has the answers for today!

We encourage you join us in worship, fellowship, caring and instruction in God's Word. However, if you are already in a sound Bible-believing church, we encourage you to stay there! If you are in search of a good church or have no church affiliation, please keep us in consideration.

Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:00 AM. We also have Children's Sunday School during this service.

Sunday Evening Service at 6:00 PM.
This service varies in format and substance. Sometimes it is used for the expository treatment of Bible doctrines and Bible books. Other times, it is used for topical preaching outlilnes. We always have a sweet time of fellowship afterward.

Thursday Evening Bible Teaching at 7:00 PM.
This service is conducted in a Sunday School/Bible Study format.  Interaction is encouraged and appreciated.

We have a "cry" room (or Mother's Room) available during all our services. This allows mothers to be with their children while being able to view and hear the services via a TV monitor.