About Us

North Tiverton Baptist Church is comprised of friendly, hard working, down to earth people who don’t feel like it is necessary to put on a show.  You will always be welcome to our services and events. We strive to make every visitor feel welcome and accepted as a part of our church family. When Jesus lived on this earth, He would stop and take the time to minister to the social outcasts, the down-and-outers, the irreligious, and those searching for answers; even so we believe it is important for us as Christians to do the same. 

We are a church that stands for traditional values for the home, marriage, and work. We do not seek to entertain people but seek to provide a place where people can come and worship the True and Living God in spirit and in truth through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our desire at North Tiverton Baptist Church is to see people be given a new life through faith in Jesus Christ. Our desire isn’t just for those without Christ but also those who have strayed from their faith in Christ. God desires a personal relationship with those who have walked away from Him just as much as He desires to save a lost soul from the punishment of sin.