The North Tiverton Baptist Church, a Bible-believing, traditional values church, reaches out to the community with biblical teachings, praise and worship, Children’s Sunday School, a Teen Group, and Missions ministries. Use the dropdown in the menu bar to choose which ministry you want to read about in detail.

Here at NTBC, we are concerned about the future of the children in this generation. Many of them are growing up in homes where there is no consideration of the purpose of God in life. Then, after many years of attending schools where there is little or no value ascribed to our Creator, they go off to college and in many cases are swallowed up in humanism. But the colleges are not alone in their deception. Researchers have indicated that “20-something” students are, in their minds, “already gone” before they go off to college. They have spent 30 or more hours a week in classrooms where in many cases, the Bible is denounced, Christianity is discredited, and evolution is taught as a fact. It is our sincere desire to help families draw near to God. To do this, we provide a clean and safe environment and responsible workers. A generation is at stake. We feel we must do what we can, while we have the opportunity. See Chidren’s Ministry for more information