Ministry Team


Pastor and Mrs. Robert Lewis

My wife and I accepted the call of God to plant a church in the city of Woonsocket, RI in 1975. We had no idea of the challenges and the blessings that were in store for us. We rejoice to see that the church is still holding conservative Christian values. We labored there for nearly 28 years. Today there are second and third generation people serving the Lord under the leadership of our son, Randy Lewis.

For fifteen years we have been on the road preaching missions conferences and helping missionaries as representatives of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship. During this time, both my wife and I have written ministry related books to help the churches. Her book is entitled Given to Hospitality, Church or Home.  She also has a blog which is It has many hints and ideas for Christian leaders. The book I wrote is called Finishing the Race.

It is a new and exciting challenge for us to be selected to help the North Tiverton Baptist Church. One of our main goals will be to find and mentor a suitable candidate for the long term future ministry here. We have adequate friends and resources to facilitate the ministry, and we are not strangers to Rhode Island.  Please go to the tab marked “Contact Us” to communicate with us.

Additional Team Members

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